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canine lymphoma foundation how to cope with the loss of a dog

How to cope with the loss of a dog - when I lost my best friend Lucas to canine lymphoma

How to cope with the loss of a dog - When I lost my best friend Lucas to Canine Lymphoma, is a two page essay I wrote over the course of four months. It was incredibly challenging to sit down and remember this terrible experience but I was determined to share my story with others who might be going through what I went through. Some say it is therapeutic to write about these things. It wasn't therapeutic for me at all but I strongly felt the need to share my thoughts and experience. When I found out Lucas had been diagnosed with canine lymphoma, I tried to find a resource online which would allow me to read about what other dog parents that had gone through. It was very difficult to find this. I found a few sites but nothing that would allow me to communicate with someone and talk to them about what I was going through or ask questions about their experience. I hope this site becomes that place and that I can help as many people as possible go through such difficult moments.